Vision and Mission

Puchong, Kinrara, Wawasan, Bandar Puteri and the surrounding areas are fast growing townships with a relatively young population. With growing affluence, good infrastructure such as schools, shopping malls/hypermarkets, public transportation, hospitals and access to major highways as well as affordable housing the population has grown many folds. With busy lifestyles of modern living, many people find they are alienated and do not have a community environment essential for spiritual practice that encourages positive attitudes, raises creative energy and engenders a strong spirit of fellowship.

The Lay Community live their own individual life but through the Buddha Dhamma Life Circle we can begin living together, slowly trying out structures for community life that are  suited to our backgrounds. We do this with the dream of building the foundations for a larger Buddhist Community in the future.  We are committed to working together to find the right balance so that a strong, stable and harmonious community can slowly take shape. In the long term, we aspire to help create a community where we can move many towards enlightenment together. We wish to construct a beautiful and flourishing platform on which to benefit others in ways we ourselves cannot now even imagine.


Community life as an integral part of Dhamma practise and spiritual friendship

Living together in community also offers a vivid demonstration of Buddha’s teaching, that the pursuit of our individual happiness can only be successful, when it actively takes into consideration the well-being of others. Our purpose together is not simply to find supportive conditions for our individual Dharma practice and study. Rather, we take our community life as an integral part of our work to transform our minds, which is the aim of that Dharma practice and study. We value the chance to support each other in using community life as a means of recognizing and confronting our own afflictive emotions and self-cherishing and for generating tolerance and loving kindness and learning to cherish others. However, individuals simply living in the same place do not constitute a thriving Dharma community. To build community, we find formal practice together important, for stability and a sense of closeness, and also listening to Dharma teachings together, for deepening our shared practice.

We see the guidelines that Buddha outlined for his monastic and lay followers as personal instructions we can use to support the transformation of our minds, by disciplining our bodies and speech. We also see them as offering a blueprint for our community life. Although it can be hard to confront our afflictive emotions, we feel ourselves to be unimaginably fortunate to live under the protection of our own individual practice and to share this noble way of life. This joyfulness helps us cultivate a relaxed mind, amidst the sometimes difficult work of self-transformation. We want to maintain this basic joyfulness as a cornerstone for our life together in community, creating a stable base for others to join later.

In some ways modern living are not particularly conducive to communal life. Generally, we are raised to value our ‘independence,’ to have our own private space and to plan and work for our own needs. Our aspiration is to work to make ourselves qualified to be of limitless benefit to others, without missing opportunities to offer our service to others in smaller ways along the way. We see the forming of a lay community as an excellent way to do both, learning how to offer and offering at the same time. For now, our aim is simply to work to make ourselves and our tiny community suited to serve as a platform to benefit others in the future. We appreciate beyond words all the support thus far, and supplicate with palms folded that The Triple Gem and all protective Devas keep us and this community in your close care always. Please guide us to make ourselves and our communal lives together of most benefit to ourselves and others.