KMBS Sunday Dhamma School (SDS) was formed in 2006 by a group of devoted and engaged lay devotees guided by our Spiritual Advisor, the Most Venerable B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple at Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Objective of KMBS Sunday Dhamma School:

To provide a holistic Buddhist Education for integral human development, which encompasses the individual, family, society, country and the entire world and beyond.


Once the Buddha was residing near the town of Nalanda. A lay devotee by the name of Kevaddha approached the Buddha and enjoined him to perform miracles to gain the faith of the people. The Buddha answered that the only miracle he approved of was the “Miracle of Education”. Through education the stingy learn to be generous, the hateful ceases hating and the ignorant gains understanding. Thus, too is our focus on performing this very miracle called the “The Education of the Heart”.

Buddhist Education is the education of the heart and mind. Families are guided to enhance their faith, devotion, knowledge, skills and values to prepare them for various challenges in the spiritual and secular life.

Buddhist Education is 3 fold. There is the learning of the knowledge (pariyatti), followed by the experience (patipatti) and finally the realization (pativedha) of the TRUTH of our existence. Buddhist teachings are not based on dogma, belief system, philisopy or views. It is to be understood and realised each for oneself.

Do Good, Avoid Evil and Purify your Mind are the teachings of all the Buddhas.

This Miracle of Education is a lifelong and is imparted on the principle of LESS:

  • Leading the children on the path to be a kinder, more loving and compassionate being. Each child becomes a source of peace and happiness and takes responsibility for every other being’s wellness and happiness.
  • Educating the child on how to live life, with a good heart full of patience, tolerance and wisdom. The Buddha called this the miracle of education and education of the heart.
  • Strong Foundation of living life deeply and development of the child’s inner wisdom. Here the untamed and untrained mind is nurtured with loving kindness to make more space in their mind to be kind and happy.
  • Self discovery of personal responsibility. Every child deserves to be given the gift of the Lamp of Wisdom and Liberation. Growing up with the knowledge of responsibility empowers the child to live easily and usefully.

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Sis. Paru: 012-2878 105
Sis. Evelyn: 012-2879317

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