Admission Age

7 years to 21 years

Methods of Instruction

  • Classroom instructions and coaching
  • Event based such as camps, workshops and special interests
  • Excursions and field study
  • Festivals and Fellowships
  • Role Models
  • Projects and Volunteer Service

Special Interest Groups

  • Choir and Music
  • Drama and Dance
  • Communication and Leadership


Students aged 7 to 21 years are eligible to apply. You may download the application form and submit to KMBS Centre. Students are reminded to fill in ALL the particulars in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered and acceptance will be at the Schools discretion.

Note: Parents of new students who has no Buddhist education background will have to attend a 1 year compulsory “Buddhism for Beginners and Parenting” class.

For more information, please contact:


Sis. Paru: 012-2878 105
Sis. Evelyn: 012-2879317

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