Sunday Puja Service

Sunday Puja service is on every week. Members participate actively in offering of light, flowers, water and fruit to the Buddha. Meditation, sutta recitation and dedication of merit are included in the Puja service.


Sunday Puja service is held from 9.15 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Devotional-Practice (8)-min
Devotional-Practice (7)-min

Pindācāra is the practice of collecting alms-food by Theravada Buddhist Sangha members (monks and nuns). With Pindācāra, the Sangha need not worry about food and this affords them time to practise the Dhamma. Since the time of the Buddha, lay people have been supporting the Sangha with food, robes, shelter and medicine. In return, the Sangha provide guidance to the laity on Buddhist teachings, thus forging a close, respectful, and symbiotic relationship between the two communities.


Pindācāra are carried out by the monastics at Bandar Puchong Jaya morning market during New Year, Wesak, Ching Ming and 7th Lunar month period. KMBS also educates the public what type of offering is allowable for the Sangha. It is an opportunity for lay devotees to offer cooked food and medicinal requisite to the Sangha, practise generosity and gain much merit. In addition, this serves as an outreach program to introduce KMBS to the public.


PATTIDANA memorial services are held in conjunction with Ching Ming and the 7th Lunar month. Members and devotees can offer food to the Sangha members, recite sutta and transfer merits to dearly departed relatives and friends.


Monthly Bodhi Puja is conducted to dedicate merits to our loved ones, especially those who are sick. There will be lighting of tea light, chanting of Bojjhanga sutta, Metta meditation and dedication of merits.

Wesak Celebration

Every year, Wesak celebration is held to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gotama Buddha, our teacher. There will be lighting of tea light and offering of flowers, followed by Buddha Puja, Sutta Chanting, Dhamma Sharing and performance by Sunday Dhamma School students. Wesak exhibition and interactive activities are also organised by the KMBS Youths (Metta Mitras) and Sunday Dhamma School students to showcase their learning.

Caring Services

KMBS provides spiritual and moral support to members and devotees on various occasions.

  1. Hospital visit
  2. Support chanting (e.g. house dana, blessing)
  3. Bereavement support
  4. Counselling referral
  5. Buddhist wedding